Do You Like a Little Glitter with your Golf?

I certainly do!

And so do lots of girls...including most of the Duramed Futures Tour... and even Miss Paula Creamer. We all use Blingo Ball Markers.

The sparkley little disks, are encrusted with Swarovski crystals... and they come in tons of really pretty colors. You can even request your own custom combinations. I did. Pink and green of course.

But the really awesome thing is that they're hand made by Charlotte Campbell. If you don't know Charlotte yet you probably will soon because she's one of the contestants on the new golf reality show, Highway 18 which can now be seen Tuesdays at 10pm EST, on the Golf Channel.

Charlotte started making "Blingo Ball marks", as a way to raise money to play professional golf ...and we've all head how difficult finances can be for players trying to make a go at a professional golf career.

Charlotte's ball mark business started out small, but is growing rapidly. Blingo Ball Marks are $15/each, with discounts for volume orders. So if you want to add some shimmer to your game, head right over to the Blingo Ballmark Website.

Oh, BTW, I found out about Charlotte, and her ball markers over at Golf Babes, the awesome blog about the gorgeous girl of golf.