Inside The LPGA - Live Tonight

Karen Palacios-Janson
is amazing.

I've written about her here before; she's the gorgeous LPGA teaching professional who also runs a company, writes, blogs, consults, models, promotes and inspires.

I voraciously read her blogs, tips and articles, and when we cross paths out in the golf blogosphere... and actually get to have a real conversation... it always seems she's added yet another awesome undertaking to her schedule.

One KPJ venture I particularly enjoy are her live Inside the LPGA broadcasts on Prime Sports Network. She and her co-host Ken Hartis (whose own Hound Dog's LPGA Blog is awesome) recap the most recent LPGA events, and discuss the ones that are upcoming... and they do it with the unique insight of those intimately aquainted with the LPGA tour and its players.

This week's show begins just a couple of hours from now at at 7pm EDT. There'll be a recap of the State Farm Classic, as well as a preview and picks for the Evian Masters. So check it out the live broadcast if you read this in time...if not, the archive of it will remain available until the next show goes out live. Yep, as usual, Karen's got you covered.