The Natalie Gulbis Essay Contest

In just a couple of weeks the girls of the LPGA will be heading to France for the Evian Masters.

The defending champion, is Natalie Gulbis and if she's successful it'll be her first win since...well...her first win, in Evian last year. Now, I don't know about you, but Natalie Gulbis is one of my favorite golfers, and I'd love to see her get beyond her current one hit wonder status... so I'm really hoping she's successful in defending that Masters.

By the way, did you know could you could spend a day with Natalie Gulbis? Yes a full day. From working out with her in the morning, to playing a round of golf, to dinner in the evening.

Not so fast though, you've got to write an essay. Yes, the kind of essay you used to write in school, and the topic is "Who's behind your success"
. In Natalie's case, it's her Dad. You know him, right? He's very much a part of Natalie's life, and though some find him... annoying... there's no denying his dedication to his daughter. You can read Natalie's essay about him at the site. OK, so your essay should be no longer than 200 words and ...well I think it'll be quite easy...sort of.

The contest is sponsored by RSM McGladrey and in addition to the day with Natalie prize they're giving away Skycaddies and golf equipment.

Well, I'm sure this contest is going to be very popular and the essays will surely yield some very inspiring stories. I also know I would love to spend a day with let me get writing.