Playing Golf and Feeling Groovy

"First and foremost, golf should be fun" I know... that's a subversive statement to some curmudgeons golf purists, but it's the way I look at it. And, unless you're a professional or an aspiring professional ...or unless you're somehow obligated to play golf against your will, I think it's a pretty good way of looking at the game.

And as everyone knows (or should know) part of having fun with golf is dressing up in crazy, cute, retro, wild, and/or stylish golf clothes. It doesn't have to be a whole outrageous outfit either. One distinctive accessory or article of clothing will often do the trick. Rocco Mediate knew this when he buckled his belt with a peace symbol in the X round of the US Open. So did awesome Anthony Kim while winning Tiger's tournament over the weeknd. His buckle was decidedly more pimped out blinged up diamond encrusted than Rocco's.

Anyway, I went the retro Rocco way yesterday and wore this groovy peace symbol pendant from The Bellevue Beadery. Combined with a fun bucket hat and Pulitzer-esqe plaids, the whole outfit made me feel happy. It brought me a bit of luck too. In the form of two birdies and my lowest score to date.

OK, so the low score was a 108, but hey, I'm still trying to break 100 here folks. The important thing is ...I had fun. And I can't wait to get back out there...in a really cute outfit.

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