Venus & Serena - OK, Today I Care About Tennis

I grew up playing tennis and still play once a week. I even flirted with the idea of starting a tennis blog a couple of years ago. Then, when I sat down to write my first post I realized... I just wasn't that into it. For me, tennis just never felt blogworthy.

Except today, Because today the extraordinary Venus and Serena Williams played ...against each other... in an amazing Wimbledon final. The sisters played with such passion and intensity that it was at times wrenching to watch. When Venus ultimately won, you could tell she felt her sister's defeat every bit as much as her own victory, while Serena ...was unable to hide her disappointment... and she wore her regret like one of her awesome tennis outfits. The girls are so dynamic, their bond so palpable... and the tennis was as emotional and as as tennis gets. Oh, and by the way, shortly after that match...the girls got together and won their third women's doubles title.

Well, I'm going back to golf blogging now, but the Venus / Serena Wimbledon final will surely be the most memorable sporting event of this weekend. For me at least... and I'm totally not into tennis.