Golf Course Controversy No. 987 - Pull Cart Policy

I snapped the photo above at Richter Park last weekend, as play resumed after a rain delay.

I was extremely impressed with this golfer's simple but stylish outfit, and the way it perfectly matched her bag... and even her pull cart. She had the whole thing going on, including her game which, I later observed, was stellar.

Of course I immediately donated my standard black pull cart to charity Nick with plans to get the pretty pink version. ASAP ...You see, I love to color the extent that I'm sometimes known as "Miss Matchy-Match" the decision was second nature.

Then yesterday, as I was researching my prospective purchase, I came upon an interesting post by Heather, whose new blog, Real Women Golf brings a fun new voice to golf blogosphere. In her post...and in an accompanying survey...Heather asks, "Should pull carts be allowed on course?" It seems there are courses that allow golfers to carry their bags, but don't allow pull carts...largely for aesthetic reasons! Then there are others that only allow aspiring pullers to use course provided wheels thus ensuring uniformity.

I've got to admit, I've never encountered this practice myself, but then again, any time I play at an ulraluxe course I'm usually playing with Nick. And if you play with Nick and his panoply of cigars, drinks, garments, rule books're riding.

So, have you experienced pull cart prejudice anywhere? ... or is this just an isolated case of rules overreach by condescending country club officials? And what do you think of the issue? Weigh in here ...and with Heather's survey at Real Women Golf.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pink pull cart to pursue.