Golf Fashion - Outfit Ideas Made Simple

Everyday I get two or three emails about golf fashion.

Yesterday I got one from a gal in Indiana who had finally ditched her boxy shorts for close-fitting capris and was having trouble finding a properly proportioned top, and another from a sprightly senior golfer whose husband finally seemed ready to modernize his golf look after three decades of the same conservative, monochromatic outfits.

Both asked me if I could help them find something. What I normally do in these cases is recommend one or two sites where they can look around... or send them a photo or two of things I've found in the past that I feel might work for their couture current conundrum... and that's fine, I suppose.

But I've always longed for a better solution. One that would allow me to easily present a full concept; an outfit template, or just some random pieces that they could easily visualize and put together.

Enter I came upon this great site via Mary Rambin's awesome fashion/tech/lifestyle blog. Take my word for it, Mary is ultra energetic, well connected and able to spot the good stuff.

Anyway is like a virtual dressing room where you can bring in tons of pieces from all over, then put them together any way you want. You post them on your own I did... then you can have you friends register and comment on them, or make suggestions, or created outfits of their own. It's highly social and interactive. Each piece can be named too. That way when someone clicks on an item they can see who makes it, and where it comes from.

Pikkee is not specifically for golf but that's what I'm using it for. And I think it'll go a long way in helping me guide some of the inquiring, aspiring golf fashionistas who write to me.

Brands featured above--> Glove: Gloveit, -->Shoes: Aerogreen, -->Sleeveless sweater: Izod, -->Skort: Lacoste, -->Cap: Vintage Lacoste