Jill McGill - An LPGA Veteran Takes Golf to the Troops

While controversy swirls around the LPGA's English Only edict, one of it's members is quietly making a difference far away in the desert of the Middle East.

Jill McGill
, a six foot tall San Diego surfer girl, who's been a tour player since 1996, is currently with a group of golf professionals presenting golf clinics to soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Jill is there with a group that includes Larry Laoretti of the Champions Tour, PGA Tour veteran Paul Carlson and retired LPGA player Suzanne Strudwick... who is actually blogging about the adventure over at the LPGA's website... and it sounds like they're having a truly amazing experience.

The group gets around in Blackhawk helicopters. They've had to deal with sandstorms and extreme heat, temperatures sometimes soar above 120F. But, despite the challenging conditions they've managed to set up driving bays and chipping nets and putting mats for their clinics. Callaway donated equipment and the golfers handed out hats and other gifts. It seems the turnout has been excellent, and the soldiers have been gracious and enthusiastic and according to Suzanne... lots of fun to be with.

I took these photos of Jill back in the spring at the Sybase classic. At that time I was impressed with this quintessential California girl's impressive stature, brilliant blondness and friendly demeanor. Now, several months later, I'm impressed with her courage and generosity.

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