The PGA Championship and a Superlative Sergio Garcia

I had a pretty great time watching the PGA Championship today. The afternoon was drizzly and gray, and ideal for being at home with my MacBook + TV, which is what I require to watch a major these days.

I log onto Twitter once the players get to the back nine, and watch the action unfold with dozens of other golf fans, from all over the world. Today there were Sergio supporters from Spain AND a Padraig posse twittering by phone from a pub in Dublin. It got kind of crazy as the the two Euro golfers, Padraig Harrington and Sergio Garcia, vied for the lead.

In the end Padraig prevailed, with an impressive display of pressure putting, but not before Sergio showed his amazing skills AND his slightly mellowed demeanor. I'm sure he was crushed to have to keep the mantle of "Best Player Never to have won a Major" after coming so close to shedding it, but the truth is, he played well, and everyone was commenting that he seemed more mature...less emotional. He'll get rid of the "BPNWM" moniker eventually, it just wasn't quite his time yet. The thing is, whether you like him or not, Sergio Garcia is an ultra entertaining player to watch.

(Photo: Getty Images: Warren Little)