Golf Fashion: Visors, Short Shorts and Argyle

I realized three things while watching this video:

1 - Golf Visors do actually look good on some people.

2 - Shorts can actually be too short (by a centimeter or so).

3 - European ads are generally racier than American ads.

Actually, I suppose I knew that last one already. Anyway, I just love the argyle sweater vest Nikkala is wearing. She and Peta, the gal in red, are not actually golfers, despite their seemingly awesome shots. They're Page 3 girls, so they're used to wearing far less than they have on in this video.

The ad is for Samsung and it was shot at the famous Stoke Park course in Buckinghamshire. The Sun has the whole story, complete with a slide show, photos of the girls, and the full scoop on the special effects that made them look like LPGA stars...speaking of which, the Samsung World Championship begins later this week in beautiful Half Moon Bay, CA.

I wonder if there'll be any Page 3 girls playing.