Latin American Golfers - Trifecta of Winners (update 2)

The girls: Lorena Ochoa, Cristie Kerr and Candie Kung. The guys: Camillo Villegas and Sergio Garcia. An international mix of awesome golfers in thrilling playoffs.

For the ladies it was Prattville, AL and the Navistar LPGA Classic, where Lorena Ochoa ultimately won, defeating fellow Lacoste girl Cristie Kerr and Candie Kung (who wears the logos of the Dallas Stars (NHL) and Texas Rangers (MLB) instead of the smiling crocodile).

The guys battled in Atlanta, GA at The Tour Championship and the final round was an exciting show that featured not only Villegas and Garcia but also Phil Mickleson and Anthony Kim. In the end Camillo and Sergio moved on to a playoff where the Colombian took the tournament from the snake-bitten Spaniard.

All in all it was a great post season golf weekend. And I was thinking, probably the first ever that saw Latin American winners for both the PGA and the LPGA.

Update: A reader of mine, Gary from Par Fore Golf Blog, made me aware of something even more amazing; Awesome Eduardo Romero. He won the SAS Championship on Sunday for his third Champions Tour victory in five starts, closing with a 6-under 66. And he's from Argentina, making this a trifecta winning weekend for Latin American golfers.

Update 2: Another friend of mine, Pablo Herrero, who edits the awesome Spanish golf blog, Fuera de Límites, points out that the "sabor español" of this golf weekend extends all the way over to Europe with Spaniard Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño winning on the European Tour

Felicitaciones Lorena y Camillo y Eduardo...y Gonzalo.