Golf Girl Country Club now open on Cocktail Match

To heck with the economic downturn, I just opened a bar.

And better yet... it's a Champagne bar... but beer drinkers are welcome too, so are scotch, vodka and tequilla fans. In fact, no matter what your beverage of choice, Golf Girl Country Club welcomes you.

And where are we located you're probably asking? Well, GGCC is a virtual bar, a VBAR, and it's located on the awesome new social networking site, Cocktail Match.

The concept is compelling: it's a social site, for dating or networking or just hanging out... and the social lubricant (so to speak), is whatever you're serving up.

To join up, you create your own VBAR with your choice of spirts and decor and music. You can post blogs...photos and videos too. You're also encouraged to exchange cocktail recipes. Then you invite... and get invited and build up a network. It's more more engaging than facebook and less sophmoric than MySpace and there are already a couple golfers tending bar

The site is up and running, but it's important to know that a who slew of improvements and upgrades are in the works so its only going to get better. So head over to Cocktail Match open a VBAR. Then stop by Golf Girl Country Club.

The first drink is on me.