My Vijay Singh Story - The True Meaning of Vijay

I wrote the post below at the beginning of this year as Vijay got ready to defend his title in the Mercedes-Benz Championship. He tied for 12th there, and as the year progressed and the wins didn't happen, many were sceptical. Some doubted that Vijay Singh would ever be a force on the PGA tour again, citing his age and problematic putting. There were times in the first half of this year that Vijay seemed all but irrelevant to most of the press and many former fans. But I kept believing, and despite the missed cuts and many months without a win. I remained convinced that he's start winning again.

And he's done just that. After Vijay's win at the Deutsche Bank Championship today...his third win in the past month...the sceptics are mainly silent, some have even turned into supporters. So be it. Vijay is one of the more extraordinary players in the game's history and everyone will know this by the time his career is over. And that won't be tomorrow.

The Meaning of Vijay - January 3, 2008

Victory. That's what it means in Hindi.

And that's what I'm hoping for for Vijay Singh as he defends his title in the Mercedes-Benz Championship, which gets under way in Kapalua, Hawaii today.

He's got a new swing... Revamped is the term I've heard to describe the changes, though I doubt it's one Vijay himself would use. He's a man of few words and his words are rarely contrived.

Others have said that he's been working hard to improve his fitness. Which I found odd because I wouldn't have thought improvement was possible for this man who's always been known to train harder than anyone ten.

I'm a huge fan of Vijay Singh. I find him fascinating on so many levels, from his unique origins and tumultuous trajectory through the world of professional golf, to that singular dedication that has made him one of the very best, and the youngest living person ever elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Soon though he'll turn 45 and that lends a certain urgency to the prospect of a winning year.

Golf Digest once wrote of Vijay Singh as "pro-golf's bad guy". Others have called him a "sexist oaf" and "Vijay the Villian". Vijay is definitely controversial, and I've got to admit that only adds to my fascination.

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