The Quest for the Perfect Golf Club - Win a New Driver

I like to try new things. Be it a new recipe or a new restaurant... or a new shade of lipstick, I rarely hesitate to try something if it looks good. Or even half-way good.

This is particularly true when it comes to golf gear. I'm always fascinated by the extraordinary selection of clubs and irons... wedges, putters and other accouterments that seductively promise to improve my game.

Yes, I have my current favorites, and I've been using them so long I sometimes feel like I'm married to them, but I'm not adverse to a bit of infidelity in the interest of finding a truly perfect match. Collecting equipment can be an expensive hobby though, and as such, requires a huge investment of time for research, so I jumped at the chance to win a not-even-officially-released-yet, TaylorMade r7 Limited Driver with Movable Weight Technology.

I found out about this easy-to-enter contest through a Twitter friend who's sponsoring it on his site. I say easy because all you have to do is answer four questions. If you get them right, you're automatically entered into a drawing for the seemingly awesome driver.

So if you're an open-minded, experimental, endlessly curious, golf equipment whore connoisseur like me. Head on over to Golf Views and enter.

You might just win your soul mate.