Ryder Cup Ready at Golf Girl's Diary

Ryder Cup Week is upon us, and here at Golf Girl's Diary, the excitement is palpable.

Match Play rules change the flavor of golf, and the Ryder Cup's automatic international rivalry is particularly stimulating at our place, as we are a European and a US American living... sometimes precariously... under the same gabled Victorian roof. There will be drama, I have no doubt about that.

Beyond the match play...beyond the foursomes and fourball... there's also the fashion component. Ryder Cup fashion is huge. A fashion faux-pas is bad enough on one lone golfer, when it's splashed across an entire team it's sure to get noticed... and ridiculed in proportion.

My fashionable French roommate and I are both insisting that our own team's style savvy will win the day, and of course, we're both looking for some kind of terrible fashion foible from the other side.

As for our own Ryder Cup attire, we'll be supporting our respective teams with awesome outfits next weekend when we play at Richter Park. I'll be doing the red, white and blue thing, while my husband rival (with a bit of styling help, and a lot of pushing, from me) will display the golden stars and royal blue background of Europe. And, we've already got our awesome Ryder Cup putter grips from Golf Pride. Of course you can count on me for a digital media demonstration our patriotic looks next weekend. In the meantime, we'll be watching Valhalla for some compelling golf and succinct style statements.