Ryder Cup Fashion - The War of the Gwag Wardrobes

Apparently, the stark light of Louiville makes bright colors look silly.

Now I would never have thought of that but it seems Paul Costelloe did. He's one of the designers dressing the Euro Gwags for the 2008 Ryder Cup in Louisville KY, this week ...and he seems to know exactly what he's talking about.

Gwags (Golf Wives And Girlfriends), and what they wear, have become a big part of the pomp and pageantry of the Ryder Cup. Almost any recent Ryder Cup photo retrospective will include images of the multiple tan, shapely legs, matching patriotically hued ensembles and above all, the uniformly brilliant blondeness of the US Gwags.

I think it's fair to say that the American ladies have tended to "outshine" their European counterparts in recent years. But this year, the shiny look may not be what the world wants. Something more subtle might resonate better in this era of economic uncertainty. Such sentiments... combined with the quirky Louiville light... have led Mr. Costelloe to choose a pallet of neutrals for the Euro Gwags and an assortment of tailored pieces that each girl can mix and match as they see fit.

So it sounds to me like our US Gwags might be in trouble if they plan to recycle the "matching hair, matching outfit Stepford Wives look" they've become known for. They're also competing without Elin Woods, who has been a key component of their collective fabulousness for the past decade.

The War of the Gwag Wardrobes is definitely going to be interesting this year, and you can be sure I'll be following this style rivalry as we head into Ryder Cup week, so stay tuned.

Photos - Top: Marc Aspland/The Times --- Above: Rebecca Naden/PA