The Saturday Sergio Sat on the Sidelines

The matches are tight this morning and, as predicted the Louisville crowd is urging action with a cacophony of cheers and...the requisite jeers. Meanwhile, one of the more popular and polarizing players sits on the sidelines.

Nick Faldo's controversial call to have Sergio Garcia... and fellow European Lee Westwood... sit out the Saturday morning matches, is still being questioned. Mr. Westwood, who was rumored have developed blisters on his hands, wanted to play... and he made that clear, declaring, "I've never missed a match. This is the Ryder Cup. I would play with my arm hanging off, a couple of blisters are not going to stop me..."

Sergio, according to Faldo, is taking antibiotics and "needs his rest". The European captain has said that his Spanish star wanted to be rested, though it didn't look that way as el nino sat sulking in a golf cart a silent observer on this chill, gray Saturday.

And the show goes on in Louisville.

Photo: Tim Sloan/Getty Images