Maverick Golf Writer William K. Wolfrum

To use a word that's been bandied about often during this turbulent political season, dashing William Wolfrum is a true maverick. And, he's one of the more the most provocative golf bloggers ever.

Whether he's covering "the humorous and obscure in news, politics and pop culture" at WorldGolf... or profiling an uber-sexy girl golf blogger on BadGolfer, his voice is unique and distinctive. And at this particular the end of a week where the American financial system has been completely reordered, due to a toxic combination of greed and negligence at the highest levels... I think it behoves us all to at least look at that which is unique and distinctive.

Mr. Wolfrum was interviewed recently by Diane Tucker of The Huffington Post. In his own inimitable way he expounds upon American presidential politics and the upcoming election. As will always be the case, some overlooked the satire and branded his remarks Anti-American. But, WKW loves America, and as an expatriate, there's the world...he'd like more than to see it thrive. To see it be the best.I know this feeling intimately, I lived overseas for a couple/few years myself.

So check out the HuffPo interview, over the weekend, when you have a few minutes. You may not agree with it, and that's OK. But I think we're at a time when we all need to look beyond our comfort zone, at least a little bit, in order to begin to figure out how we got where we are right now.