Weekend Golf: Garcia vs Kim, Post Ryder Revenge?

The most explosive rivalry to emerge from last weekend's Ryder Cup is perilously perched atop the leader board this weekend at The Tour Championship.

Anthony Kim and Sergio Garcia: It didn't take long for these two spirited young guys to get back to business. And The Tour Championship suddenly looks like a must-watch event, after being dismissed as irrelevant by many, in the wake of last week's historical showdown in Valhalla.

Sergio clearly has the most at stake here. His performance at the Ryder Cup was less than stellar, particularly his one-on-one with Mr. Kim, during which it sometimes seemed the American was toying mercilessly with the Spaniard.

If Mr. Garcia were to win this, he would have exacted a symbolic revenge ...within just a week... and though it would do nothing to erase the collective disappointment of the European Ryder Cup team, one can only imagine that, psychologically, it would be a game changer for Sergio going forward.

I rather doubt the ultra competitive AK is in any mood to facilitate that, however.

So with these to guys battling it out, this could be a much more compelling golf weekend than most had anticipated. Oh, and just behind Kim and Garcia...Phil Michelson and Camillo Villegas are poised to enter the fray, and really... how awesome is that?