The Golf Girl Gets a Grip... with the Thumb Caddy

In golf, as in life, I'll try just about anything once. Curiosity + Optimism = Go For It!

That's the philosophy I tend to live by. As a result, I've tried more golf training aids then you can swing a seven iron at... but few of them have ever been written about here. That's because, as much fun as I've had trying them out, I've rarely found one that's really been effective. And I just don't write about things that fall short.

Not long ago however, I tried an unassuming little training aid...that actually worked! It's the Thumb Caddy, and it's so small and simple, that at first I doubted it could do much for me.

It addresses that most fundamental element of your golf swing...your grip. The Thumb Caddy is a little rubberized clip that's easily attached to your club and slides right up to where you grip it. Once it's secured, you rest your thumb in the cushioned groove, assume your grip, and... you're going to have a more consistent swing.

If you're like me (and 90% of the golfers I talk to) consistency is one of the things that most often eludes you, and the resulting worm burners and whiffs, even if they're only occasional, can do a number on your confidence. Thumb Caddy made me more confident. By a lot.

Now if you happen to be very consistent; if you almost always hit long and straight with rarely a hook or slice... you may not want to bother with Thumb Caddy. Otherwise, give it a try. I'm pretty sure you'll find it the most helpful thing you've done for your swing in a while.

Thumb Caddy is available online and at a growing number of golf retail outlets.