Karen Palacios-Jansen : LPGA Teacher Of The Year

I first got to know Karen Palacios-Jansen almost two years ago, in the early days of this blog.

From the get-go I could see that this golf girl was exceptional. Her enthusiasm for the sport was inspiring, and she had this fun, warm, open personality.

I was new to the game, and still not quite sure what I had gotten myself into. After all, there's no denying golf can be excruciatingly difficult somewhat frustrating and rather intimidating.

So when I discovered Karen, while researching a golf fitness program, it seemed serendipitous. Karen was just what I needed to convince me that there was in fact, something for me in this idiosyncratic game.

Karen has an amazing amount going on. She's a managing editor at Golf Fitness Magazine and She's also been known to several places. She's been a golf instructor for over seventeen years, has appeared on The Golf Channel and has a weekly golf internet radio show that follows the LPGA tour.

In addition to all that, she's a public speaker and lecturer, and has a business, with her husband...who happens to be Olympic Gold Medalist speed skater Dan Jansen. Their Swing Blade Enterprises, produces videos, like Cardio Golf. Cardio Golf is the golf fitness program Karen introduced me to way back when....and it's awesome.

I use Karen's training tips on the golf course...and I'm a dedicated practitioner of Cardio Golf, which keeps me feeling flexible and strong. Even though I've never met her person, I feel like Karen Palacios-Jansen has already done a lot for my when I read that she had been selected the 2008 LPGA National Teacher of the Year... it came as no surprise whatsoever.

Congratulations Karen!