Golf Girl Glamour - Lorena Ochoa in ¡Hola!

We're used to seeing her in a bright Lacoste polo and lean Bermuda-length golf shorts, and even in such athletic attire she always seems to have an air of enigmatic elegance. Her warmth, generosity and sheer talent seem to shine through, whether she's pondering an implausible putt...that she often goes on to make... or chatting with the fans, who inevitably line the course when she plays.

Long time friend, and LPGA fashion plate, Christina Kim, probably put it best when she said that Lorena had "that inner light" and famously described her as "a cross between Tiger Woods and Mother Teresa."

It's rare however to see Lorena Ochoa in glamour mode. No bikini shots or high fashion runway looks for Miss World Number One. You almost get the impression she lives in her golf clothes 24/7.

That's part of why her photos in the October 22, issue of ¡Hola! are so stunning. Against earthy country backdrops in her hometown of Guadalajara, Lorena sits on a park bench in fuchsia evening gown. The dress is voluminous and over-the-top but the girl wearing it seems as light and content...almost a little playful. There's another striking shot where Lorena walk along a country road with a white horse. Again she wears an sumptuous gown, this one bejeweled black and silver and looks a the sweet, witty heroine in a romance novel...though I don't think I'll ever be able to imagine Lorena Ochoa depending on a male protagonist to save her.

In the accompanying interview Lorena talks about her love for her family and friends, her passion for golf and her hopes of winning many more tournaments and making it into the Hall of Fame. She also spoke of her desire continue helping others with her foundation. And there, under the opulent ball gowns, is the Lorena everyone loves.

Photographs: courtesy of ¡Hola! Mexico & Nunu Principe -