The Golf Course Windmill Grows Up

I haven't played mini golf since I took up "real golf" over two years ago, but I vividly remember the windmills.

Every course I played... from the preppy "parcours de mini-golf" on the French Riviera to the honky tonk wonder down in Galveston... had a windmill. And often, it was the centerpiece of the course. The "signature hole" so to speak.

Along with the clown's mouth, the windmill is one of the staples of mini-golf course architecture.

But that's mini-golf, and those windmills are purely decorative.Bay County Golf Course is an 18 hole course on the shores of Michigan's Great Bay, and they're hoping to build a real windmill that could someday fill the course's power needs. Right now, a wind speed measuring device is being set up to confirm that the area is windy enough to make the endeavor worthwhile. Most feel it will.

County officials were most concerned about what the golfers would think, and the majority are in favor of it. They like the idea of an energy independent course that'll be more environmentally friendly. I like it too. Even though I don't miss mini-golf in the least.