Callaway's Smart Bomb and A Multi-Talented Blonde

I'm just back from New York and probably not going to get much writing done tonight.

I will tell you that tried out Callaway's amazing new FT-iQ driver and really, really liked it. So much so that I'll probably have to get one. As will everyone else who yearns for straight distance. As promised, it's stealthy and futuristic looking, and yes, it definitely lives up to its long, straight-down-the-middle, mission.

The intro event was awesome too - Callaway boy Justin Timberlake was there, on the heels of his performance with Madonna last night - but more about that... and the fabulous FT-iQ... later.

In the meantime, though I'm leaving you with the ultra timely video below. It features some golf stocks that have come out swinging, despite the market's current malaise. The Talented Blonde who created it is Kristin Bentz, the most perceptive and informed retail analyst out there. In addition, she happens to be uber engaging and gorgeous...and she has a really nice golf swing. Ok, now I'm starting to get jealous, Good Night.