In Golf We Trust - The Fun Golf Lifestyle Destination

To my mind, one of the most entertaining golf destinations on the web has got to be In Golf We Trust.

From across the proverbial pond in Brighton, UK, these folks are obviously obsessed with golf. But then again, most golf bloggers, golf editors and golf media moguls such as myself share that singular obsession. It's just that IGWT seems to know how exactly how to distill the passion into a engaging, golf lifestyle cocktail, that resonates with the serious golfer, without alienating the hackers, duffers and "fun, flirty, fashionable" among us. The humor is stellar and the design is energetic and oddly aesthetic. I even know a number of non-golfers who've bookmarked it.

This week they've got an awesome Gallery of Best Dressed Golfers that's well worth checking out. While you're at it, you'll want to have a look at Name those Feet, a slide show that features some amazing golf footware, and challenges you to guess which pro they belong to.

Anyway, I'm off to NYC for the Callaway event, which should be fun. I'll be back later with the story. Till then trust in golf at In Golf We Trust and you will be rewarded.