The KnickNac Tour - Golfers Flash Their Knickers

I'm on the road today, but had to post this. because it's just that awesome.

It's a golf group with national reach, The Knickers National Argyle Champions Tour, and it's all about argyle and plus fours. "Knickers", as we call them. And yes I know that in Britain the word refers

The Knicknac Tour's
tag line is: “For Fun – For Tradition – For Payne.” And it's obvious, as soon as you take a look at their photo gallery, that they're inspired by golf legend Payne Stewart, and his affinity for traditional golf styles. As for the "fun"... in the rules, I was pleased to read this: Do I need an official handicap to qualify to play in any local or national events? No, please understand, if you are a good golfer, we respect your abilities, but most of the time, we are only concerned about honoring the tradition and having fun. If those two include a good score, great. But some of the time and most of the time, our scores are not the issue.

In other words, The KnickNac Tour is open to all golfers. It is however, a requirement to dress the part. And there's a best dressed contest a each event.

And there are bagpipers. And each event raises money for charity. And all that good stuff... And I'm going to start a chapter here in SW CT... I'll keep you a posted.

Photo c/o GolfKnickers.Com