More Fun With Knickers... Golf Knickers, That Is

GolfKnickers.Com is the awesome on-line store where members of the KnickNac Tour shop. As I reported this morning, I'm planning to start my own chapter of the tour this spring, and it's never too soon to start shopping so I headed over there to browse a bit.

Have you ever seen an argyle orgy? Well I have it's on the Argyle Socks Page and it's amazing. Men have 78 different combinations to choose from, women 43. The Knickers themselves come in a profusion of plaids and solids as do the caps, and there are shirts and sweaters and Limited Edition Golf outfits.

And best of all, they have a virtual model (that's him at left) and you can try all different color combinations on him. And unlike most guys, he keeps quite and never complains.