Michelle Ye, Not Michelle Wie, Playing Golf in China

They're both Michelles, they're both pretty and they both play golf... sort of.

So a bit of confusion is understandable. But while Ms. Wie gets ready for the final Q School tournament, Ms. Ye is attending golf banquets and talking about her naissant game.

Michelle Ye is a popular Hong Kong TV actress and former Miss Chinese International. In this interview she reveals that she began playing golf three years ago, but states that she actually prefers hiking in the mountains. And, since most of her friends don't enjoy mountain hikes, golf is a way she can get some hiking in. She even concedes that "she does not really know how to play golf" but thinks "the design of golf attire is very nice".

And after a particularly disastrous, rainy, windswept round today, I can totally relate to those sentiments.