On Road in CT with Golf Girl TV

Making a video, is hard work.

Before you even begin to shoot you've got to write your script, secure your location and prepare your equipment. Then you've got multiple set ups, and lighting adjustments and often several takes of each scene. But if you're working with good people and your subject is something you're passionate about, it can be lot's of fun. I spent yesterday crafting a couple of new episodes of Golf Girl TV... and I had an awesome time.

I was working with ultra-talented videographer and editor Bill Cammack who came up to the CT countryside from his home base in New York City.

We started our day at Golf Performance Center an amazing indoor golf practice and training center here in Danbury. The facilities at this friendly facility are truly state-of-the-art and the gracious staff, clearly loves golf. They are clearly dedicated to promoting the game and work extensively with Junior Golf and Girls Golf programs.

Golf Performance Center offers advanced teaching methods coupled with exceptional technology. Our video will feature the K VEST, which is a vest that's actually an amazing 3D motion analyzer. It allows you to refine your swing by using bio feedback (turns out my swing needs quite a bit of refinement) and the SAM Puttlab analysis and training system that uses ultrasound measurements to analyze the most important parameters of your putting stroke and provides detailed feed back to be used in training. (Bill was quite impressed with my putting, BTW).

We'll also show you the simulator where we played a round at Pebble Beach.

The staff was as gracious as can be and I look forward to sharing their enthusiasm with you in the video.

Our next stop was Golf-ART Gallery. A warm and wonderful golf art emporium housed in
a cozy cottage like building on a tranquil woodland pond. You'll surely be impressed by the impressive collection of golf art, home decor and gift products. You're bound to love the collection of antique golf bags and hickory sticks, too. Golf-ART gallery also designs and sells trophies for golf tournaments and frames memorabilia to commemorate a golfer's hole-in-one or preserve souvenirs from a special golf trip. They have an excellent website too for those who can't make it up to CT.

As the sun was setting Bill and I decided to reward ourselves for our hard work at Cafe Luc a local bistro. The shows should be up sometime during the next couple of weeks. Bill's just needs to edit them... and with his talent and all the fascinating footage I'm sure the results will be awesome.