Sam Woods - Tiger's Tot Already Very Influential

According to a recent article on, Tiger and Elin Woods's adorable little girl Sam, is one of the five "most influential children, of a celebrity couple." Or, in tabloid-speak, she's one of "Hollywood's Hottest Tots". She rounds out a list that includes Suri Cruise, and several of the Jolie-Pitt kids.

The results were based on both awareness data for the kids, and consumer appeal rankings for their celebrity parents, and Forbes put it together by gathering press clippings, web presence and polling data.

Many analysts feel that these young'uns may become even more mediatically important in the darkening economy, by providing the public with a source of sought-after brightness. Because as one expert put it, "It's much more fun to look at cute pictures of Suri, than think about how much your 401(k) has decreased."

What I find ironic is that while Tiger's extraordinary fame is often attributed to his transcending golf into popular culture, this article surmises that Sam (who is too young to have made a name for herself athletically) owes her mega fame to the fact that she transcends pop culture and appeals to sports fans as well as celebrity buffs. Thus Dad and daughter both appear to transcend and conquer...just in opposite directions.

Photo: Reed Saxon/AP Photo