Winter Golf vs Beach Golf: What Kind of Choice is That?

Like everyone else, I get tons of Facebook Event invites.

Marketing Seminars, Art Gallery Openings, Charity Events, Political Rallies... even Religious Revivals. However, a couple of weeks ago, I got one that was rather more ...inspiring... than most.

As the winter descends on many parts of the world and the economy seems ever more fragile, this event invite was like the proverbial breath of fresh air. Well actually, hot, sultry, sandy bikini-clad air is probably more like it. Set to a pulsating techno beat with golf as the supposed centerpiece.

Beach Golf Training Day is taking place this Sunday. And from the looks of the Beach Golf videos and their website it should be a pretty good remedy for ills of deteriorating weather and an ailing economy.

Unfortunately, the awesome event is taking place in Italy, too far from CT for a spontaneous weekend trip. So instead of frolicking playing golf on the beach in a bikini I'll be layering on the Under Armour and PUMA Windshirt this Sunday. And the only sand I'll see will be in those annoying bunkers. Oh well, there's always next year.