Awesome Anna Rawson is a Britney Spears Fan?

Who knew, right?

But that's one of many things you'll find out if you read Will Brinson's recent interview with the amazing Australian.

Mr. Brinson observes all the "unwritten blogging rules" that come into play when you interview a gorgeous golf girl; He dutifully asks about Kournikova comparisons, relationship status and Michelle Wie. Another blogger basic, "the ipod inquiry" produced the Britney Spears revelation.

Ultimately however, the succinct interview does reach beyond the fluff and the fun stuff. What becomes clear is that Anna Rawson, in addition to being enormously talented and exceptionally beautiful, is extrememly dedicated to the game of golf, and highly focused on her own career, which she wisely acknowledges is a going to be a balance of high level golf and glamour projects.

Ms. Rawson also speaks, in an unguarded way, about the benefits to everyone of having Michelle Wie on tour and she's decidedly blunt in declaring that Annika's retirement will actually be "great" for the LPGA tour. While she appears to be open, fiendly and accessible, there's nothing politically correct about this intriguing Aussie... and that's probably just what women's golf needs right now.