Golf Crocs - Will 2009 be the Year? I Hope Not.

A year ago, I wrote with foreboding about the rubbery, multi-colored clogs. The post provoked a decidedly visceral response.

At that point they had just appeared at the PGA Merchandise Show, and were poised to step onto the fairways and greens of America's courses... as golf shoes.

Multiple on-course Croc sightings were reported to me throughout 2008, however I only saw them once, on a cute, spiky-haired, cartoonish-looking caddy at the Traveler's Championship in July.

Well, the year is almost over, and just when I had convinced myself that golf Crocs would remain a rare novelty in the world of golf footwear I was faced with a review of the cumbersome clodhoppers that seemed to say " not so fast".

It appeared a couple of days ago on the always informative blog The Sandtrap. Written by scratch golfer, Danny Ottmann, who starts off as a skeptic but ends up a believer.

Danny admits that he wouldn't wear them at a "country club or high end course", but claims he'd "certainly wear them on the occasional practice round or practice session at my local muni". Which makes me feel really bad for the range and the local munis.

The thing is, I just find Crocs too awful looking. Too abrasive looking. Too "I don't care it they're ugly, I'm still going to wear them because they're comfortable" looking.

As I said last year. Crocs are only appropriate on cute little children and pretty teenage girls, because, as well all know, anything looks good on cute little children and pretty teenage girls. The rest of us should probably stick with something more...traditional.