Cyber Monday - Online Shopping for Holiday Golf Gifts

Office productivity is going to be way low today!

Yes, it's Cyber Monday and that means that when American consumers fire up their computers today, chances are many will head directly to online shopping sites. There are tons of awesome sites for golf gifts, and I'll be writing about lots of them over the next couple of weeks.

For Cyber Monday evangelists, a good place to start might be... They have golf gifts galore, for every budget. After all, they're part of, the guys who actually coined the technoshopping term, back in 2004 when research showed that 77% of online retailers noted a significant increase in sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2004.

So, happy shopping and check in here daily for links to some of the awesome golf gift sites and the great deals they're offering.

I love retro at this time of year. The illustration above is from a 1950s ad for Reynolds aluminum