Depression Era Golf Fashion - Not Very Depressing

The other day I wrote about how the economic downturn was beginning to have an effect on golfers and golf tournaments.

Sponsorship issues and smaller crowds are currently a reality and probably will be during the coming year.

Golfers however have thus far held onto their optimism and many surmise that the economy may not take the hit that some other leisure and activities might, because in golf the passion of players and fans may be able to transcend the hard times.

A reader of mine, himself an engaging blogger, sent me a couple of depression era photos showing that even in the hardest of times, elegant golf apparel was being featured on the covers of fashion magazines. and stylish young ladies were playing leisurely rounds on the courses of New Orleans. Even if we're all feeling the effects of what's going on with the economy, these photos are fun and uplifting.


  1. Hmm - you might look pretty good in one of those long skirt and hat outfits, P. :-)

  2. Miniature golf became a national pass time during the depression. Should we be fearing a resurgence?

  3. I love the outfits! It is uplifting to see those happy images from a time that by all accounts was as bad (or worse?) economically as the one we're living it.

  4. I don't know, seems kind of arrogant to me, seems to say, I know you and your family can hardly afford to put food on the table but, "Look at me!" Do you like my dress?? :)

  5. Orlando, one can look at it that way, but where do you draw the line? In this economy should everything just be toned way down and everyone just stop showing anything luxurious at all?

    It doesn't seem like the right solution. I have several friends who work at a luxury golf resort. They advertise less now due to the economy but they still have to advertise and they can't really advertise it in a "modest, humble" sort of way because the whole image of the resort is "an opulent experience".

    I traveled in communist countries back in the 70s and they were not allowed to show luxury in any ad. It was very depressing. Plus it represented a total lack of freedom.

  6. connie jensen,

    Very good point in your first paragraph. In fact, what can make a recession become a severe depression is lack of consumption caused by fear.

    Unemployment is only about 7% right now. If fear overcomes those who have jobs, spending will decline even further, industries will cut back production, and more jobs will be lost. On the other hand, if those 93% who can spend remain "flirty, fun, fashionable," and optimistic enough to keep the demand growing, this recession will be history in short order.

    The Golf Girl attitude can save the nation. Obama should appoint Patricia to the post of Minister of Morale.

  7. Very classy looking. I like the simple yet elegant style.

    And OrlandoGolfBlogger -- you're one to talk about rubbing your good fortune in -- I was running the snowblower up and down the driveway today while you were driving a golf ball 8=) Seriously, I think you have a point there. But I would imagine even playing golf during those times could be considered just as arrogant (or driving a car, or ...)

  8. orlandogolfblogger and lonewolf,

    I'm curious. What do you think the 93% who are employed right now should spend their money on? Why not continue buying fashionable clothes?

    Though clothing may be manufactured in China or Vietnam, it is unloaded by American dockworkers (crane operators). It is transported by American truck drivers. It is distributed and inventoried by American stock clerks. It is sold by American sales clerks. Those American all get paid more than the Chinese person who sewed it together, by the way.

    If Patricia and Jetbeagle and everyone else stops buying golf fashions, what happens to the jobs of the all those dock workers, truck drivers, stock clerks, and retail clerks?

    The key to ending every recession has always been increased consumption. This recession is no different. Continuing to fuel the economy by consumption is not arrogance.

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