Original & Unusual - Handmade Golf Items at Etsy

This distinctive necklace is called "friendly competition" and features a visor-wearing Barbie face, encased in some sort of mysterious gel, peering out of what appears to be a lime green bottle cap. At first glance I found it creepy. Now I kind of like it.

It's just one of many items you come up with when you do a search for golf on Etsy. Etsy is the awesome online marketplace where you can buy and sell items that are handmade.

I realize there may be a bit of Mars/Venus disconnect when the subject of handcrafts comes up. We Venusians tend to be crafts crazy; well love our glue guns and our glitter shakers, we watch and read Martha Stewart and we're generally intrigued by things DIY. You Martians usually don't get it. But whatever planet you may come from I'm pretty sure you'll find the Etsy golf items interesting at the very least and inspiring if you happen to be crafty yourself.

Personally, I love the Golf Cart Tote Bags, the Golf Themed Wine Glass Charms and the Golf Club Cufflinks. The Tiger Woods Wallet is ...surprising as is the Let's Go Golfing Lamp.

As for "Friendly Competition", I never though of Barbie as particularly friendly, but I'm beginning to really like the necklace.