Golf Guy Styles - The Grandad Knit & The Harrington

I love PUMA sweaters, and this one seems perfectly suited to golf. It's reminiscent of the cardigans Bing Crosby and Dean Martin wore in the 1950s at Pebble Beach. But with a distinctly modern edge.

Elegant young lifestyle consultant, Terence Sambo, shows you how to pair it with a polo for a perfect golf look. Terence has an engaging, independent fashion blog that's a lot of fun to read.

Much of what he covers in quite urban and rather high fashion, not what you'd generally wear on a golf course. However when it does translate, like in the case of this sweater, the metrosexual golf look is quite cute.

Another unique fashion blog you may wish to check out is French Truckers.

French Truckers is a delightful group blog about Fashion, Beauty, Health and Seduction ...for Men. It's the English version of a famous French website “Comme un camion” (“Like a truck”) taken from the French expression “to be handsome as a truck”.

Yesterday the truckers posted a fascinating story on the mysterious origins of a golf jacket known as the Harrington. The jacket has nothing to do with player-of-the-year Padraig, but you'll probably be quite surprised to know were it did get it's distinctly Irish name.

And you sure learn a lot when you spend an afternoon reading metrosexual fashion blogs.