Dubai - The Cosmopolitain Cast of Golf Girls

I started this week in Dubai and that's where I'm winding it up; in that sparkling city on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, currently hosting the LET Dubai Ladies Masters.

Annika Sorenstam took the lead today and appears to setting up a classic fairytale ending to her storied career. Other awesome international golf girls at the top of the leaderboard are Australian, Nikki Garret, Russian, Maria Verchenova, Italian, Veronica Zorzi, English, Johanna Head and German, Anja Monke.

With such a multitude of different nationalities it sounds more like a Miss World pagent than a golf tournament. The fact that they're all beautiful undoubtedly adds to that somewhat superficial perception.

Golf in Dubai has a comprehensive site for the event that includes a daily photo gallery. The photo above is Anna Rawson and Maria Verchenova, both look pretty amazing, stunning gorgeous. There I go sounding superficial again. Sorry, I'll try to avoid that in the future.