One Last 2008 Christmas Post...then I'll Stop

Just one last little bunch of Xmas snapshots... taken with the new Nokia E71. I'm going to be testing it during the next couple of weeks. My first cell phone was a Nokia, and the company is known to be golf friendly.

Thus far, I'm finding that the 3.2mp camera shoots kind of grainy in low light, well see how it does outdoors in the next couple of days. The E71 has a GPS function that should be good for golf ...and a friend of mine told me about a couple of apps -We Golf- and -INTELLIGOLF- that I might want to try.

In the meantime the photo above is my ultra traditional 12 foot Christmas tree. Sometimes I find myself longing for a modern, minimalist tree... or maybe a kitchy aluminum one...but in my Victorian mansion, both would look a bit odd.

My 19th century staircase with fairy lights.

My formal living room. It's pretty, but rarely ever even go in there.

The fireplace in my less formal living room. The one where I sit on the floor and eat dinner. ...And blog, practice my putting on the Persian carpet, watch golf tournaments on TV... and play the guitar occasionally.

This house doesn't include the massive family room that's become standard in today's 21st century McMansions. I don't get the impression Victorian families liked to be together as much as today's families do.

Maybe they were onto something.