Hoping for Fun, Flirty, Fashionable Golf in 2009

A brand new year is about to begin... and it's a year most feel will be spent in continued economic turmoil.

So I thought it might be fun - though admittedly rather superficial - to begin winding up 2008 with a fluffy, fabulous retrospective of flirty golf fashion. Basically it's an amalgamation of gorgeous girls, guys and golf clothes...set to some jaunty British rock.

For the time being, it's snowy, and soggy and cold here in CT, so I'll probably not get much further than the lighted bays of my driving range for a while - no short short shorts or tiny little skirts or oversize sunglasses either. It'll be a few months before we see those things around here again.

In the meantime, a fun, flirty golf video sure helps to brighten a gray winter day.