Winter Golf ... Kept Warm, Dry and Stylish

We played 18 holes of golf yesterday, in the stark, desolate landscape a CT winter.

Actually it wasn't really stark or desolate, we're in the the suburbs of NYC - not the Yukon territory, but it was cold and dank, and totally devoid of the lush green of summer.

But I was fine! - Except for my face, which was frozen and my hands which I could hardly feel by about the 5th hole.

My torso however, stayed warm and dry. And unlike our previous couple of rounds where I looked like a cross between the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy (no photos available), I wore one efficient item of outerwear. Yes, instead of that bulky rain jacket over that chunky windproof fleece...thing, I wore the ultra-slim, ultra-insulating Cameron Jacket, from the Typhoon Collection by Sunice. It's perfect for the chill wet windy days we'll be playing in around here for the next while.

Check out my full review on About.com Golf for additional details on this exemplary item of outerwear.