Golf Ball Story Used In Attempted Sex Assault

This shocking story took place last month in an elegant gated community bordering on beautiful Stoneybrook West Country Club in Winter Garden, FL.

If you have a house on a golf course, you half expect the place to get hit with an errant ball occasionally. But what you probably don't expect is for a guy to come to your door and claim, apologetically, to have hit your house with a golf ball... then attempt to barge in and attack you when you open the door to discuss it with him.

That's exactly what happened to one Winter Garden resident. Fortunately she was able to fend off her attacker.

Area residents have now been warned to keep doors and windows locked. The attacker was described as a white male wearing a baseball cap with with a navy logo, plus brown pants and a brown jacket. In other words, he looked just like just about every golfer out the golfer-next-door.

So this is a cautionary tale. One that should remind us that, even in the gated sanctuary of an exclusive golf community one can no longer completely let their guard down.