Golf Course Lovers Back Together Again

Here's a sweet little story to start the week.

Swans... unlike a majority of humans... mate for life, and golfers at Paradise Point Golf Course in Camp Lejeune, were used to seeing a pair of swans, frolicking in water hazards, or taking the sun together along the fairways. Sometimes the graceful white birds even approach the golfers to beg for food. For several months however, there was only one swan on the course. Henry, the male was alone because his partner, Swannee Girl, was recuperating at a local wildlife sanctuary, from surgery to her foot. Henry meanwhile, became quite morose and, it seems, aggressive, which I'm sure was somewhat distracting for the golfers.

Recently however, Swannee was returned to the course and reunited with Henry, who promptly made enthusiastic advances that involved neck biting ... again, probably a bit distracting, I mean, have you ever tried to hit your tee shot in front of a pair of mating swans?

Nonetheless, it seems the majority of golfers and course employees are happy to see the swans together again and are keeping a watchful eye on them. There's even a wildlife rehabilitater on call. And while the salacious swans may not improve any one's golf game perhaps they can serve as roll models for committed relationships.