Golf Girl Bargain Alert: Huge Deal on Golf Shoes

I've said it before, but it bares repeating; a woman can never have too many pairs of golf shoes.

That would be like a geek having too many gadgets... or an average golfer getting too many birdies. While playing in a major. Against Tiger Woods. In other words; impossible.

But the fact is, we're in a recession, and that means shopping smarter. Not that I'll stop featuring the luxury brands, unique independent labels and superlative shopping experiences. I won't... because I have an intense appreciation for fine fabrics, exquisite, edgy design and top level customer service.. and I'll continue to indulge in them whenever I can.

But in this economy it makes total sense to supplement with less expensive products and discount shops. To that end, when I see a major bargain on something awesome, I'm going to let you know about it. Hence these incredible prices on stylish golf shoes at Incredible as in: really cute little Sandbagger shoes for $31.99! I just bought all three styles above for less than $100, including shipping! - And there are lots more where they came from including plenty of golf sandal styles (if you happen to like that sort of thing).

Now of course, at these prices, you'll be getting mainly past season's products and the sizes are going to be sporadic; If you're a 6,7 or 8, you'll need to spend some time hunting, and you'll feel like Cinderella's step sister as you find some of the dreamiest footware available only in tiny size 5s, or much too roomy 10s. But I finally found my size 7s. They're perfect additions to my massive golf shoe wardrobe and they're on their way to me now. But you've got to act fast, because as you can imagine, these deals don't last.

I suppose I must disclose that in the process of shopping for my bargain shoes, I did a bit of research and found a pair of Sandbagger shoes that aren't on sale, but that are so adorable I think I'll have to force encourage Nick to get them for me for Valentines day. I may have to remind him of the "never too many" rule.