Golf Girl's "Monday Mention" - Golf Blogs of Note

As we discussed last week, there are suddenly so many options when it comes to golf media.

The major golf publications all have a web presence, and golf blogs are burgeoning.
As a result, my google reader is overflowing! - So much so, that I can hardly keep track all the great golf destinations. And some of the new sites are so unique... I feel compelled to share them.

So that's what I'll be doing every Monday. I'll profile a golf site...just one. I'll choose sites that are unique... sites that speak with a distinctive voice and cover unusual events. The winning site will get a Monday Mention here on Golf Girl's Diary.

An this week the Monday Mention goes to Golf Couture. A fun, young, thoroughly modern blog by the exceptional Nisha Sadekar. Nisha is a golfer (U of MO, and Futures Tour) and a golf blogger and a businesswoman. In addition to her reporting and writing at Golf Couture, she runs a Las Vegas company called Play Golf Designs, that provides golf outings and management services to individuals, companies, corporations and charitable organizations at golf courses around Vegas. You can learn more about Play Golf Designs on the company's Web site.

Now back to the blog. Golf Couture gives you an awesome insiders view of Nisha's life as the young, beautiful, single CEO of a golf business in Las Vegas. Yes, it could totally be a TV show. Nisha also opines on things happening in the golf world with a rare humor and openness...and a totally contemporary voice.

So check out Nisha's fabulous blog, and don't forget to check back here the first day of each week for my "Monday Mention".

Hey, if you have a golf blog that's cool and unusual, let me know about it. Tell me in a couple of sentences what's special about it, or where your passion for golf comes from. I'll be featuring new blogs and blogs that have been around for a while. As long as they're currently active, I'd like to hear about them at