Golf Rivalry - Annika Marries, Lorena Gets Engaged

Annika Sorenstam vs Lorena Ochoa. Less than a year ago it was potentially the best rivalry in golf.

But the months went by... Annika announced her retirement, and the fierce showdowns never materialized. Some wryly lamented that golf fans had been robbed of a killer golfing slugfest.

In the end, the Lorena/Annika rivalry wont go down in golf history in the way Tiger/Phil or Arnie/Jack undoubtedly will. It just didn't have time.

However, perhaps there's another rivalry going on between these two accomplished ladies. One that has less to do with sport and more to do with sentiments; As you've probably heard Annika got married on Saturday to Andrew Mike McGee, who's been her very significant other for three years. There's a gallery of beautiful wedding photos at (some guys are wondering why the photos are online, but...hello... Mars/Venus...girls LOVE wedding photos) - Anyway, what you might not have heard is that the lovely and talented W#1, Ms. Ochoa is now engaged.

Acording to Quién, the bi-weekly Mexican magazine, Andres Conesa Labastida, the handsome CEO of Aeroméxico, proposed to Lorena during a romantic European trip in December. They plan to marry at the end of this year. So, what do you think? Is this Lorena's attempt to continue some sort of competition with her former rival.

Certainly not, but it makes a fun story.