Golf Intervention - Help a Lifelong Golfer with Doubts

Dave Begel has been playing golf for 51 years. He loves the game, but is now seriously considering hanging up his golf shoes for good. - All four pairs of them.

Mr. Begel is an award winning journalist who writes for OnMilwaukee.com, a Milwaukee, WI daily magazine and city guide. - What I was doing reading such a publication, is a mystery to me...I have no connection to the city, other than a appreciation for it's malt beverages...but this morning, there I was, and serendipitously, this headline caught my eye:"To Play, or not to Play? That is the Golfer's Question." - Dave Begel was the author.

Dave has obviously established a close, relationship with his readers, and begins the piece by asking them for advice, "The question," he writes "is whether or not I should give up golf".

He provides the background; how he started playing golf as a teenager 51 years ago, fell in love with it, and enjoyed it for decades... making lifelong golfer friends in the process. - Lately however, he's been feeling that the "zing" is gone, and he ponders the reasons. They are the classics, the ones we cite constantly: difficulty, cost and time. ...And Dave's story demonstrates that just as these factors can discourage a beginner, they can also dampen the enthusiasm of a golf aficionado who's been playing for a half a century.

So here's what I want you to do. Drop Dave a line and encourage him to stick with golf. This is your chance to be a golf evangelist. In this absurd economy We're all talking about bringing new players into golf.... But it's just as important to retain the players we've already got.

So if you have a minute, head over to OnMilwaukee.Com and let Dave Begel know he must not give up golf.

...then consider it your good golf deed for the day.

Lone golfer, Strathlene by Lyn MacDonald