Boyfriend Loves Golf - Girlfriend Should Learn to Play

"Jessica isn't really that interested in golf, but she really wants to get better at it. It will give her more time to spend with Justin, since he plays 18 holes a couple of times a week."

A wise decision, I would say. And the same would be true if Jessica was the passionate, 6 handicap, tournament sponsoring, Callaway representing, course owning, golf fanatic and Justin was... not really that interested. It goes both ways.

We all know about Justin Timberlake's golf obsession. In 2008 alone, the world famous superstar did in fact plan the renovation of the golf course he purchased, sponsor a major tournament, sign a deal with Callaway and appear on the cover of golf digest. Other than Tiger Woods I can't think of anyone who can boast a more substantial list of golf accomplishments in one year. The guy clearly loves golf.

Justin's girlfriend, actress Jessica Biel, was recently spotted at the Riviera Country Club diligently working with a pro. She's been seen in the past doing the same at Brentwood Country Club.

I can only guess that all this time spent on gorgeous golf courses, in adorable golf outfits might ultimately turn Jessica into a golf fanatic in her own right, and that's where the whole learning golf to please your boyfriend (or girlfriend, or huband or wife) begins to bear fruit. The more people who play... and love... this game, the better. Especially in this dubious economic environment.

So if your significant other is not really interested. It's time to put a little pressure on.