Golf Girl's Valentine Tips - On Cocktail Match

A couple of months ago I told you about a unique social networking site called Cocktail Match built around the idea of virtual bars - VBars - where you choose your preferred spirit (mine's champagne, bien sur) and you build your VBar community around it; for networking, dating or just hanging out. - A number of golfers have launched VBars; Rob from Golf Views, (the excellent golf gear review site) has a beer bar, and recently posted a great story about Phil Bundy, who's son has inspired him try to make the PGA tour, at age 43. If you're in the mood for a Scotch visit Jim from the 19th Hole or Brad from Brad's Wonderful World of Golf.

Oh, and Cocktail Match founder Al Escamilla knows something about golf too. He and his beautiful wife Krista (she has a wine bar, BTW) love the game so much they made a conscious decision to raise a golfing family. They transformed their back yard into a putting green, and three of their four young children play, their fourth, little Alex, hasn't warmed up to the game, but then again, he's only two months old. Give him a few months.

As for my count-down to Valentines Day, that's where you'll find it, over at Cocktail Match, twice a week through February 14th.Read it here and check it out regularly.

While you're there you may even want to start your own bar. I'll definitely stop by for a drink.