Denial: Kate Hudson Not Dating Golf Guy Adam Scott

OK, so they frolicked on a beach together in Hawaii, but that doesn't mean they' or anything. Frolicking, if you didn't know...does not necessarily imply a romantic involvement.

The rumors began to circulate when the sexy/cute Hollywood actress was spotted with the sexy/smoldering Aussie golfer, enjoying the surf and sunbathing at Hawaii's Kapalua Resort. Soon... as will undoubtedly happen when two hot, young, famous people frolic together... the stories got more salacious:- Ms. Hudson was purported to be,"flirting up a storm" with Mr. Scott, who finished the recent Mercedes-Benz Championship in a tie for 18th.

Then came the inevitable "canoodling". - Well, canoodling does imply a romantic involvement...I think.

Anyway, now both are denying the romance rumors. Hudson did it through her publicist who came out with a very original, "they're just friends", while Scott handled it himself after the final round of the Championship, Sunday, telling the press,"I'm not here with her, but I know Kate," and I'm guessing he did not mean in the Biblical sense.

Since her divorce from a perpetually unkempt looking rock star person a couple of years ago Kate Hudson, has been linked with Lance Armstrong and recently Alex Rodriguez. She also had a liaison with actor Owen Wilson. He's been known to play a decent round of golf and together with his brother Luke is involved in the golf apparel business.

My analysis of all this news: Despite competition from cycling and baseball, golf has the clear advantage, and I wouldn't believe the denials just yet.